DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Obviously I too have done this, because I am lame.

I don't get too worked up about Valentine's Day, nor do I dismiss it - there's just enough balance between cynic and romantic in me to keep me reasonable about it, though I do get worked up over people who have really strong feelings on the subject of it. But that's not the point, the point is the internet is for memes, and this year this one's it :

My Valentinr - duranorak

Although kind of all I want this year is Kris from Hollyoaks. Unfortunately, he's fictional. :) Bah.

Edit : Gosh.
Also, apparently Noel Fielding is on next week's Buzzcocks. Set your videos! ...damn, I've just agreed to go out somewhere that night and will miss it. In which case PLEASE set your videos. :)

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