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My name is DurAnorak, and I am addicted to caffeine. I am in tears because I don't have any coke and I'm in too much pain to walk up the hill to get some. I am absurd.

Also because my mother's just rung me to have one of those pointless mother conversations - you know, the ones where you say 'what?' and they say 'I just rang you to say that we might not be able to see that flat, but we might, I don't know, I'm waiting for the woman to ring me back', and you're like 'so you're ringing me because why?' and they're all 'I just wanted your opinion' and you can't HAVE an opinion because there is no actual situation.

I am a very tired person.

Listening to Rick Springfield covering 'Broken Wings', though, which is nice. Shush. I defend my dubious taste in 80s MOR until death.

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