DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Further adventures of Chester

Yeah, I know, shut up.

Good lord, it's all so tense. Obviously I'm only in it for the gay, so I can mostly laugh at the misfortunes of The Rest Of The Deans, ignore Calvin (who is the dullest character in the world), try to pretend Warren isn't there (or attractive by virtue of being a total bastard) and attempt not to invest too much energy in hoping Amy tells Josh about the baby because he appears to be the loveliest school-age boy in the history of ever.

But the gay, though. I'm so intrigued by Craig's reaction to what John Paul has said. In the first place he wasn't angry, which is what I might have expected, and when he was angry a lot of it seemed to be at Sarah, which is entirely fair. He seems to be eaten up with frustration, but I'm not sure exactly about what and I can't wait to find out what happens. Sarah is a ghastly girl who'd do only too well with the appalling specimen of blokeness that is Rhys, I hope it doesn't take her too long to realise this and go back to him (which is clearly what's going to happen eventually). Then perhaps Craig will accept the shoulder to cry on that John Paul couldn't offer him this time around. Who knows.

Seriously, guys, if I posted anything of what I was actually thinking about stuff in real life rather than Hollyoaks, everybody would hate me. This is all I can say at the moment without screaming. I know it's very dull for you. Try to cope.

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