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In the true spirit of Christmas I've just been to HMV.co.uk and Bought Things. Then I went to an online candle shop and Bought Other Things. Oh well.

It was good yesterday, people are lovely and I have a stylophone! and stuff. Not practising on it yet because it's very loud, but it's so shiny and cornery and hopeful. I like it. :) Thank you very much to people for being understanding that I was maybe a little subdued. It's dead strange not being at home, although at least I have the internet here. :) I dunno, though. I'm still hoping this will be a one-off.

Plans for the next few days involve kidnapping asrana to watch Firefly and...kidnapping sparksoflight to watch Firefly. And they did involve being at B-Movie for New Year, but of course because my back is still not better I wouldn't be able to dance, so my notintheseheels is going to come round and watch silly TV with me instead (The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2006 will definitely be involved. Noel Fielding! Russell Brand! Together they...get a bit like this!). Wish I could do both though.

Hope you all had a good day whatever you were up to, and indeed continue to have them. Much love. xxx

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