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Weekend and stuff

Saturday saw an extremely lovely and successful Xmas party type thing at booklectic and company's, which was great and thanks to dr_d and his car meant that I could actually go somewhere and be out of the house and see people for a while. I'm not naturally gregarious or anything, but it was just so good to be surrounded by lovely people (not that I'm not every evening, housemates, but there were increased numbers of lovely people at the party).

I stuck around there yesterday, passing the time having ill-advised MSN conversations with chris_coltrane and watching dodgy 70s animation with adjectivemarcus, to see the first part of Hogfather, although the rest is going to have to wait for a while because we don't have Sky One here. But I'm damn glad I stayed. It was exquisite and very nearly flawlessly casted and, you know, *good*. I was pleased.

Came home, hugged housemates, went to bed. This morning I was visited by the ever-wonderful clockworkwasp, and later there will be a house dinner up the hill, if I can make it (we shall see). I am tired (apparently too tired to write this LJ entry correctly), but it's been ever such a good weekend, so thank you to those that've made it so.


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