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I know, I know.

The crossdressing bisexual on Hollyoaks isn't allowed to wear girly clothes when he goes home to visit his parents. Tonight this made me cry, as I am just that bloody fragile. Other things to make me cry include 'The Happy Goth' by The Divine Comedy, and The Simpsons. For heaven's sake.

Hopefully the imminent arrival of a man bearing MSG will help stave off this absurd melancholy. My mother has been hounding me to go home for Christmas again today, which hasn't helped at all. I am not going home. My father has made it very clear he doesn't want me there. I am sick of my family trying to pull me in multiple directions at once.
Honestly, lovely as my housepeople are, I am just dreading Christmas. There's somewhere I wish fervently I could be on the day, and it's hiding away with someone who is almost certainly going to ignore its existence. I never wanted to feel like this about it. I used to love it so much.

Sigh. Come on, MSG-delivering man. The other things that currently cheer me up are all out doing interesting things tonight and you are my only hope. Heh.

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