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Thanks, asrana!

Name one person you regret dating/liking? Dating? Gareth, the Britney-Spears-clone from glamorous Eastbourne. Liking? Gemma.

Name one person you can do without in your life? Tash.

Name one person of the same sex that you would kiss if you were unattached? ~g~ Gemma. Even though I am attached.

Name one celebrity star that you find hot? atm, James Walsh of Starsailor.

Name one LJer that you find hot? LMAO oh what was his name...yeah...him. That guy. ~ggls~ Who I still think is attractive, even though he's friends with her.

Name one city that you find most appealing? London.

Favorite piece of jewellery? atm it's the ring I'm wearing...zebra ring that my friend Sara gave me. Overall, my charm bracelet.

Favorite piece of clothing? My mum's red-velvet-and-feather top.

Favorite place to be? My room, wherever it happens to be.

Favorite people to be with? Any of my friends.

What's one regret that you have in life? Coming to this school. I should have just gone to St. Bede's senior I think.

Name one part of your body that you dislike most? Everything but my eyes and my hair.

Name one part of your body that you love most? Um, my eyes. And my hair. Duh.

What's one thing you would like to do before you die? Meet my band. Finish this freakin' essay. ~waves essay~

What's one thing you enjoy doing during your free time? Filling out stupid questionnaires. ~g~

Who is one person you'd like to meet (celebrity or not)? Celebrity? Nick. Non-celebrity? Chris.

What is one thing that you would like to own someday? THE GAME! OMG the game...the Duran board game...~faints~ ~revives~ Ahem. And SBS of course.

What is one goal that you'd like to achieve? Have a week where no-one was hounding me or my parents about not getting work in!

What's your favourite memory? I don't know. Honestly, I don't. But I had a wonderful time in Liverpool and enjoyed myself more thna I have in like three years, so...

What's one memory that you would like to erase? The choral course.


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