DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Obligatory answers post

ajva - that's a really hard question for someone as materialistic as me, but if it came down to it, it's probably not even my music, it's probably a broken necklace someone gave me ever so many years ago. I could eventually replace all my vinyl, but I'd never ever be able to replace that. It's a long story, the necklace story, so I won't tell it here, but I think that's my most treasured possession.

spiresofavalon - absolutely. At almost every Modern gig in 2005, apart from anything else. It's usually at gigs or clubs.

booklectic - ...only if someone can walk with me (very slowly) or drive me over. :/ This is not getting better fast enough. I'm really sorry.

rathenar - Why not? Yes please. :) And I have no idea which Glitter song you mean. Enlighten me?

countess_sophia - Good lord yes. As soon as I can move again and, you know, walk. Yes.

seph_hazard - I don't know, but I hope so, sweetheart. *hugs* Sympathise, obviously.

lolliepopp - I'll do my best.

i_am_marky - appalling, sick, exhausted, angry, frustrated, lonely, generally hacked off. Since you ask. :/

therosewilde - right now I'd like it to be painkillers that would actually work, plus a certain LJ user, plus Noel Fielding.

nannyo - not as such. I hate cheese. :)

battlekitty - I always hoover to 'Night Boat To Cairo' by Madness. Ska seems to be remarkably helpful.

moral_vacuum - awwwwwwww. No, I don't, because I can't afford one. But one day, definitely. Yeah. :)

devalmont - of course not. You should already know that, though.

hatter - well, obviously not, as I can't go out anyway. Silly boy.

reindeeflotilla - Ender. I am damn sure he could put everything in perspective for me so thoroughly that I sorted myself out.

medusa - actually, since you ask, right this minute it's getting progressively less and less awkward, with a view to no longer being awkward at all in the near future. But let's not go into that.

uberredfraggle - SAVING THE WORLD USING ONLY SYNTHETIC MUSIC. It would be like phasers, but would sound better.

hunterxtc - This one.

shadowdaddy - no, they kind of suck and sound like they live in The Cure's fridge and crib notes off them whenever they can. Assuming you were asking me about the band and not an either/or question. :)

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