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Things guaranteed to cheer up a DurAnorak #979

Listening to fantastically good new synthpop (thank you, the Robopop The Return CD turned up this morning, oh god yes) whilst noticing that you have a new $crush and stalking them until you find distracting things about them on the internetweb. Seriously, I have done a lot of growing up in the last few years, as most of you will know, but I'm still truly bizarrely cheered by the special exploding-candy giggles I get internet stalking pretty people. It can't really be that bad a way to spend one's time, it's not like it does anyone any harm.

Besides, I need something to think about on the long, long walk in to therapy today.
Dude. That doesn't make me sound any more sane at all, does it?
Oh well. :)

No, of course I'm still not sleeping at all. Oh, and I've been at the caffeine again. How did you guess? Hey, at least I'm smiling.

Edit : Though it's always so hard to know when they're joking about things.
I...need a life.

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