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Take a dip into the Hockney blue

Oh my god, My Life Story are amazing. I knew that, clearly, having seen them earlier this year, but that's not the point; they are amazing. I want to forcefeed them to people who think Babyshambles in some way represent the 'sound of Britain' or some such nonsense. I might do a proper review over on kittensounds at some point, but for now, just want to register how fucking great they were, and how much I appreciate flick for getting me there (and indeed asrana and sparksoflight for their help) - I am an idiot for trying to go out, I hurt myself very badly indeed. Never mind, they played 'Claret'! So that's okay.

I love cover versions, by the way, have I mentioned? Not that they did any, I'm just sorting through the night's SoulSeek harvest...
Edit : One of which is Cradle Of Filth's version of 'Temptation'.
I think I have just snapped something laughing.
Oh jesus, who let them do this? This is HILARIOUS.


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