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So, I'm just back from the physiotherapist - I won't go into the details of the long, long, awful, infuriating, stupid, stupid car journeys with my parents to and from there, as it would just be disheartening on this cold December afternoon. But the physio was good (although it would have been better if I hadn't had to repeat myself on every topic three times before she heard me) and now I know a) what I've done to my back and b) what I need to do about it.

Which is, essentially, lie down for ever for the next few days and do Very Little Else. Marvellous, you might think, but it is going to be awfully dull. Oh well. Hopefully by the end of it I'll be up and about again. I won't be here much though, obviously, so if you need me it's probably best to ring me or something.

Meh. Please send cheering text messages or, you know, turn up with chips or something. In return I will do my best to get better in time to actually go to some of the things that are coming up, but definitely no pub tonight or anything this weekend. :/


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