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I refuse to be one of those people who whines on and on about how ill they are on their LiveJournal, which is why I've not been updating lately - there's very little else to say at the moment. I have done a couple of things in the last few days though...

1) Dude, sparksoflight and I went to see Adam Hills at the Soho Revue Bar on Friday night and I cried with laughter and had a generally amazing time and he is so hot and I must see more live comedy and YAY. Also the show was immediately followed by a gaggle of beautiful, beautiful boys and drag royalty Jodie Harsh turning up for club Circus, which meant we hung around on the streets of Soho watching pretty girls on stilts and staring at boys for a bit. Which was nice.

2) Camden on Saturday, which I mention mostly because I've been so scared by all the change that's happening there, so worried it would turn into a nightmare identikit shopping complex, that the discovery that it's all still extraordinary and brilliant was a very welcome one. It's great - really. All the new stuff is great. Apart from the pub near the lock. Which is an eyesore of epic proportions.

3) lolliepopp, spikeylady and I hit the Brixton Ritzy on Monday to see Pan's Labyrinth. Which was amazing. And horrible. I don't think I want to see it again. Apart from anything else, it featured the single most disturbing thing I have ever seen, which is sort of saying something.

4) asrana came and looked after me last night. Thank you.

Basically everything else has been a neverending round of pain, television, more pain, burning all my MP3s to CD just in case, pain, e-mails, bad fanfic, avoiding my mother, and pain. I really am trying not to whine about it, though. However, links to pictures of pretty boys in comments would be so welcome you wouldn't believe. :)

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