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"When I say "shotgun" you say "wedding" - shotgun wedding! Shotgun wedding!"

Panic! are great, and I don't care what anybody else says.
There is nothing like organising music. I'm beginning to wonder whether I shouldn't move to the States, seeing as how all the people who need their music sorted appear to be over there. I want to do this for a living, god damn it.

The internet (and my mother) suggests I may have sciatica, which is good (relatively speaking) as it should clear up on its own after a while, although until it does I will continue to swear a lot whenever I move, which is less good. I am not at all competent at handling chronic pain. I am a bit useless really.

dennyd came over last night and gave me a vampire in a box (well, bits thereof), which was welcome. And I should be seeing sparksoflight tomorrow night, which will also be welcome. Hope everyone's all right out there.

Gratuitous Adam Hills=love icon used to make myself smile, don't mind me. He kisses boys you know.

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