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Letter meme

From medusa, who has given me the letter N. Ten things beginning with N that mean something to me.

* N is for New Romantic - naturally. It's become almost a myth to me, a time in recent history that I imagine as one long, endless, hypnotically cool club night where everyone was. I do know it wasn't really like that, but that's not the point. It's the music I love most, and the way I wish I could live my life all the time. It's the reason I got into music and the reason I bothered looking at the internet and...all that sort of thing.

* N is for Nick and Nigel, who are two of the men involved in that band Duran Duran - John Taylor's real name is Nigel - and also for Nathan, since he was in The Modern and stuff.

* N is for Neil Gaiman, a writer who seems to be able to see inside my head like no other writer. I know he can do it to a lot of you as well, which just makes him ever more extraordinary. I love his short stories, Good Omens, and Sandman, very much.

* N is for Neverland and Narnia, which can represent all those fantasy worlds that I am absolutely convinced are out there very very close, I just have to find the right piece of jewellery in a charity shop or, you know, whatever.

* N is for nostalgia, which runs and ruins my life.

* N is for Nikki Wade, the first big TV girlcrush of my life. I was never going to manage to be straight after seeing her.

* N is for nightclubs, which are where I learned to dance and have a bloody good time, something I didn't really know how to do before. Thank you, Vince.

* N is for needlework - cross stitch saves my sanity on a regular basis and I love it.

* N is for names, about which I have a strange obsession, and nominal synaesthesia, which is my entirely made-up name for the thing where every name has a specific image attached to it, even if I don't know anyone by that name or I do but the image isn't associated with them.

* N is for Noel Fielding, who has made this year pretty amazing in places, and would totally love my record collection. You know it's true.

Anyone who wants a letter can comment, it takes far less mental energy than the questions...

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