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Big damn heroes, sir.

Who knew? Therapy was actually a bit useful today. He's a good bloke. Here I am, ripping bathtubgin's CDs for her, wishing desperately that I could do it for a living. I don't suppose any of you know anyone who'd pay me to organise their music for them, do you? I could go and buy a USB turntable and convert their vinyl to mp3 for them and everything...

Sigh. It has been a terrible week, this last one, but my housemates and sparksoflight and notintheseheels have been great and none of them get enough credit for the brilliant job they do keeping me going, so, you know. You are all wonderful, thank you very much.


This LiveJournal entry motivated by the bizarre and extremely welcome realisation that I've been Friended by someone from one of the best bands I've ever heard in my life. I love LiveJournal.
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