DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

That is enough.

I am tired of 2006 being such a cunt. It can stop any time it fucking likes. ENOUGH NOW. ENOUGH. WHAT DID WE DO. WE'RE SORRY. NOW MAKE IT STOP.

Plus I manatee certain of you around the head for letting me miss out on this. (Anyone with a degree of musical appreciation can be forgiven, as I realise that what the world absolutely does not need right now is bad emo SUNG IN GERMAN. I'm looking at those of you who understand that style totally wins over substance when it comes to the prettiest 17-year-old in Europe who looks and dresses like Davey Havok's pet cat made human. You should know better.)

Seriously, though. 2006 has just been fucking heinous and I've had enough of it. I found the strength to get through absolute pitch black hell earlier this year and most of what's been on the other side of it has just been marginally less pitch black hell, either for me or for people I love or both. You do find yourself asking why you fucking bother.

And not even the extraordinarily pretty singer of a German emo band (for god's sake. I suppose it had to happen eventually) can answer that one for me.

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