DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

I'm getting better, slowly, with added headaches, but there's no way I can make anything tonight unless someone drives me to it (as I can stand up and just about sit up now, but walking is still very painful) - so if anyone is driving to either booklectic's Event or Dreadnought and could swing through Gipsy Hill and take me with them, obviously that would be brilliant, but I doubt it's the case and I'm not sure how I'd get home, either. So I shall probably be back here, watching TAFotB and thinking supportive and then Dreadnought-like thoughts. I'm really sorry. :/

In other news, Never Mind The Buzzcocks makes for genuinely unnerving viewing these days. Last night's episode wasn't about music at any one single point. Get it together, Simon.
It did have Andrew Maxwell on, though, which has led to happy daydreaming about his early days in the comedy circuit where he must obviously have slept with Ed Byrne.
Or not, but you know. It helps relieve the migraine a bit if I believe that.

Entertain me, boys and girls and c) other. It's going to be a long day.


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