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Interview Meme II

More questions for you guys later, hopefully, if I get my act together. For now...

1. It's April Fools' day. Someone's left a HUGE BUCKET OF GLITTER above your bedroom door. WHO IS YOUR PRIME SUSPECT?

Someone who doesn't know me very well and is about to die. I'd most likely suspect the drunk houseguest of someone else here deciding it was a good idea and doing it to all of us; nobody who knows me personally would do that, on pain of chicken pain.

2. Why wasn't it David Bowie? He's watching you, you know. He's omnipresent. DID YOU KNOW THAT?

If David Bowie is omnipresent then he has seen my reaction to similar things in the past and therefore would know better than to do it, which is why it wasn't him. I didn't know he was omnipresent. I'm not sure I believe you. Surely you are thinking of David Sylvian.

3. Are these questions getting too silly?

No. I like questions of all kinds.

4. Would you like a six-legged puppy, and what would you call it?

No, thanks. I couldn't ever look after a pet and I either hate or fear dogs, depending.

5. If you could have any song played as you burst through double-doors while wearing a cape, what would it be?

Probably 'Incommunicado' by Marillion, it lends itself to that sort of thing. Depends what I was about to do though.

1. What makes someone beautiful?

It entirely depends on the person. Some people are just aesthetically stunning, it's just a matter of their architectural construction. With others, it's not until I see them doing a specific thing - dancing, something they're very competent at, singing, sleeping, whatever - that I see their beauty, and after that they become beautiful to me because I once saw that. Almost everyone is beautiful when talking animatedly about something they believe in, unless it's something that one disagrees with incredibly strongly. Animation, I suppose, animation makes people beautiful. Unless they already were beautiful, when it usually makes them even more so.

2. If one of your slash fic combinations could become reality (with you watching!) which one would it be and why?

Oh good god.
He doesn't read this, so I'm allowed to say it; there's a boy in Cambridge who we all kind of desperately want to just shag his best friend. He never will (he's straight and very proper) but it's become something of a national obsession.
Other than that, a pairing someone might actually have heard of...hmm. Jepha Howard from The Used and Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance. As for why, uh, they'd be really hot. Also I'd be fascinated to see whether I'd got the dynamics right between them. I'm not sure I can think of anyone else I could justify wanting to watch.

3. What, in your opinion, are your best 3 physical features?

My hair, my eyes, and my hands. (This is easy. It's just the level of loathing reserved for everything else that complicates things.)

4. If you could be anyone in the world who would you be?

...John Foxx. He still looks like the Golden King of the Elves at whatever age he is now, he's written or been involved in writing some of the best songs in history, he's still touring and performing them, and I'm sure if I were him I could do a bit of music journalism on the side as well.

5. What is your favourite song to sing?

Just about anything by Tori Amos, because her range matches mine exactly and I like what she does with it. 'Silent All These Years', 'Black-Dove (January)', 'Yes Anastasia', 'Icicle' and 'Bells For Her' especially. Also things by Imogen Heap (for the same reason) and I've been getting a lot of mileage out of 'Control' by Poe lately.
But I like singing most things. The only things I can't sing are metal and show tunes. And I would if I could.

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