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Live my life, head's in the clouds

Started to put my world in boxes today.
Which is just weird.

Just finishing a post of mashups for kittensounds, by the way, if you like that sort of thing.

I feel very disconnected and strange. I think it's partly just internal fallout from this last week; it's been hard. And now I have to pack everything. Hmm.

I'm glad I'm seeing katyha tomorrow night. Company++ at the moment. asrana is going to be wonderful (well, she already is wonderful) and drive me around moving stuff all next weekend. I'm beginning to think I might not make B-Movie. I'm not sure how gutting that's going to be because I don't know who else is going to make it.

It's not that my state of mind depends on other people any more; it doesn't, really. But my comfort does. My feeling safe in life depends on the security of knowing what's going on with people and what they're thinking about me. I'm insane.

That's probably what they're thinking about me.


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