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"Where is the maid Marion, and the sheriff of Notting-ham?"

Sigh. Tonight sees the opening on our screens of the BBC's new series Robin Hood no. I refuse to call it 'Robin Hood' as it is quite clearly not, for many reasons, including the decision to have Maid Marion running around Sherwood in paisley war jeans clearly designed by Versace for half the budget (and a face mask. um, what?) and the fact that according to a small article I read on the subject recently, they have not only abandoned the Merry Men idea (they are all there, but not, y'know, Merry in any way, as that would be frivolous), and centred the whole spectacle around the Iraq war (naturally), but based the character of Robin Hood...Robin Hood, the charismatic legendary thief and champion...

...on Jamie Oliver.


So, tonight sees the opening on our screens of the BBC's new series Vigilante Gun Chef and the Dour Bastards.

I will be watching it, but only so I can shout at the TV.

Edit : Proof, if you needed it :
Although Robin of Loxley is traditionally a landed gent whose estate is usurped in the king's absence by the sheriff's creature, Guy of Gisborne, there's little of the old-school officer class in the way young Mancunian-accented actor, Jonas Armstrong, approaches the role. "He's a bit street isn't he," laughs Minghella. "One of our touchstones was Jamie Oliver – a bit of a geezer. I mean, maybe it's a bit faux, but he says 'Hands up who thinks we should have better meals in schools?' Well, everybody. But nobody else did anything about it. Robin Hood's a bit like that – affecting change."

Good god.

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