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For scarethewolves

Austin bases, for you. I'm too tired to think of text to go on them, but you might well want different text anyway, so here are some bases, because I'm very grateful. In a 'how dare you, as if I need another obsession' kind of way, obviously.

In which Austin is a forties starlet.

Possible base from the angel picture which is my new favourite thing in the world ever.

Possible base from the one where he's standing by a mannequin. I don't know, I liked it.

I'm going to have a good laugh when Jeff sees this, I think he might die. As soon as I come up with the text for this I'm so using it. Guh.

It is adorable, but it's not just me, right? He is in a Carry On film here, right?

On reflection I should have put a border on this one. When I put text on it it will almost certainly involve the word "Dior".

Not brilliant but I couldn't resist the damn gloves.


In which Austin is, erm. Understudying Tom Cruise in Interview With The Vampire. But really.

The only reason this picture isn't the one that's my favourite thing ever is that looking at it for too long makes me fall to absolute bits.

Because he's worth it.

Probably my second favourite of these bases, because I am a clothes whore and LOOK AT THAT SERIOUSLY.

This is my favourite of these bases. As soon as I think of the text for it I might even make it my default.

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