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You know what I want?

I want Goth Shazam.

You know how, with Shazam, ostensibly anyway, you hold your phone up to the speakers and it tells you what song is playing?

I want something that does that for goths. I want to be able to hold my phone up towards some beautiful boy in a club and have a service text me his name, his LiveJournal name, and Other Clubs He's Likely To Be At.

As well as my darling notintheseheels, whom I love very much, there were four more of the most beautiful people I've ever seen in my life at Dead & Buried tonight. I have no way of finding out who they were. Two of them looked exactly - but exactly - like the young Virgin Prunes. I was speechless. One of them I've seen before but damn it, I still don't know who he is.
Edit : Hahahaha. And why doesn't Goth Shazam exist? Well, because I think it just took me all of two and a half minutes to find him.

Sleep now. Sleep good. Dead & Buried also good. Will be going back. Like watching mohawks dance in silhouette. The fourth pretty boy I know the identity of, at least. Mmm. Mohawks.
Sleep now.


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