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sweetsorcery - as far as I remember, it was 'Golden Brown' by The Stranglers. I searched and searched for it and finally found it on a compilation - must have been about twelve - and then the rest of the compilation opened whole new doors to me. I can remember listening to it and hearing 'Relax' and 'House Of Fun' for the first time, among other things. :) 'Save A Prayer' was in there somewhere, too.

lonescorpion - I don't know. Next time I come up to Cambrdige, presumably. Probably not this month though, sorry.

molotov_bitch - Yes. I've got a sticker someone gave me at school that says 'Geek Magnet' up by my computer but that is in fact far more accurate. Although I'd never considered it a scientific phenomenon before. Heh.

nixxie_ - Oh lord, define "silly". I don't know. Told everyone at school repeatedly that I was going to run away and then accidentally fallen asleep under the sports hall stairs whilst hiding from a hockey lesson, thereby being lost and convincing everyone I'd run away and only being found after the headmaster's wife had called in police helicopters to search for me? Probably that. :)

imemine - My favourite album ever is almost certainly Duran Duran's first album, with honourable mentions for Arcadia's So Red The Rose, Gary Numan's Dance, and Visage's first album. This year, assuming they get it released, my favourite album is undoubtedly going to be The Modern's, but thus far it's probably either Kick by White Rose Movement (genius) or You See Colours by The Delays (exquisite). The Modern will eclipse them all, though. :) Assuming it gets released.

robinbloke - ALL OF IT. Apart from my head, obviously. Because that would be silly.

In other news, 2006 continues to suck, in that dad rang up yesterday to tell me mum had collapsed and been taken to hospital for an operation. He rang later last night to let me know the operation itself had gone okay, so hopefully everything's all right, but since she's in France and he doesn't speak much french that's about all I know. He's gone over there this morning and he'll ring me and let me know more. Argh, though.

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