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And the inevitable...


duranorak - I do know that really. But they're so pretty.

arkady - *hug*. Probably the week after you get back? I know it's a way away but it's a bit crazy between now and then for both of us, I think.

barrysarll - But you know I made this poll specially to see what wisdom you'd leave me this time! Bah.

reindeerflotila - Build giant, giant walls around it. And live in it.

spikeylady - Sad. Very, very sad. I watched the last one and cried at the end. I think it's been badly mishandled.

lupie_stardust - Your thing I don't know is fascinating, thank you. Dark blonde. No, I'm not. :) I rarely do, though I have a bag of it just in case.

aiwendel - Thank you. I could say something terribly unfair about some dreams I had a few years ago here, actually, but I probably won't. I don't know. That The Modern will take over the world.

notintheseheels - You are daft. And yeah, I know, it'd be horrible. But he's so in love. He IS though.

poannie - *hug*. Probably, assuming it would bounce back afterwards. :)

purplerabbits - Ninja Tiger.

dennyd - Your thing I don't know is deeply affirming. Thank you. Yes, you silly boy, but you knew that, you heard me.

i_am_marky - Just "hello"? :)

hunterxtc - I knew the first half of that and would debate the second, but while grinning like a loon, obviously. I really don't, though. As to your question, yes, and yes. :)

countess_sophia - ...not so good, actually, and terribly isolated. We really ought to meet up again sometime.

stephmog - No, I used to but now it's just a very rough estimate. Of, um. Lots.

kiaransalyn - I'd imagine it depends on what I'm doing. I'd like to think there's another universe somewhere...

medusa - Yes! I'm rubbish at answering e-mail. *s* Sorry.

navigatorsghost - HA. Um. Possibly, I suppose, but I wouldn't do anything about it until the human counterpart joined in.

dreamfracture - I was frightened, though not badly frightened, and still get hit by a kind of 'it could only happen to us' hysteria every now and again when I think about it. There's part of me that wishes I hadn't reacted the way I did, or at all, because I'll always be curious.


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