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We'll be waltzing by the windows stunned by all the sudden sunglow

I have the most brilliant friends.

Thanks to sparksoflight I have just seen John Foxx play 'Slow Motion' by Ultravox!. One of my absolute favourite of their songs; the first song I heard his voice on. Amazing. He played a fantastic gig, actually, in every possible way. I have missed seeing things live. I have missed seeing really good things live. I'm too tired for a review but really, bloody hell, 'Slow Motion'.

And thanks to katyha, I was able to go to the gig wearing Simon Le Bon in my ears. For she is the queen of eBay present hunting and has found me Simon Le Bon earrings.

You all rock.

Edit : Oh, plus, yeah, hi. Sorry, I'm not managing LJ very well at the moment, but I am around, generally speaking. :)


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