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Survey nicked from Cassie...

1. First name: Emily
2. Middle name: Hannah
3. Last name: Woolf
4. Nickname(s): Em, mainly.
5. Screen names: DurAnorak and Kheldara.
6. Gender: Female
7. Age: 17
8. Type of Music: 80s and mid-90s indie. And modern electronica.
9. Birthdate: 19/06/84
10. Birthplace: Brighton hospital
11. Zodiac sign: Gemini
12. Current location: Right this second, in the CR at Roedean.
13. Live with: Mum & Dad
14. Name of current school: Roedean
15. Grade/Year(if in college): Upper Sixth. Which is just so SO wrong.
16. Graduation date/year: 2002. EEK!
17. GPA: Eh?
18. Height: 6'
19. Hair color: Dark blonde.
20. Highlights/dyed: Nah.
21. Hair length: Pretty long atm.
22. Eye color: Blue/grey/green.
23. Contacts/glasses: Nope.
24. Freckles: No. (Weasleys....mmmm.....)
25. Birthmark(s): No.
26. Scar(s): One on my shin from falling downstairs last year. I hope it'll stay.
27. Type(s) of clothes you wear: This skirt and any top over it. ~g~
28. Cologne/Perfume you wear: Cerruti 1881
29. Deodorant you use: Whatever's there.

Family Life

30. Mom's name: Felicity
31. Dad's name: Gabriel
33. Closest family member: Nanna.
34. Family member you could live without: Cousin Roger. Man, that guy is a total wazock.
35. Last family member you've seen: Mum
36. Oldest: My nan, I think.
37. Youngest: Oh, god knows, my cousins are always having kids.
38. Family member who lives the farthest away: Dan & Max are in Australia right now.
39. Fondest memory: There are many.
40. Memory you miss the most: Everything about Sarah. Being loved by my parents.
41. Family member you wish the mafia would kill: Roger.
42. Memory you wish you had: More.
43. What you did yesterday: Worked.
44. What you did so far today: WATCHED FUCKING HARRY POTTER!!!!
45. Last person you talked to on the phone: Chris.
46. Last person you talked to online: Talking to Chris and Stephen right now.
47. Last movie you've seen: HARRY POTTER!!!
48. Last song you heard on the radio: Eh... Oh! 'Drowning' by the BSB. Surprisingly good, actually.
49. Last CD you played: Got Boy George's 'Cheapness And Beauty' on right now.
50. Last thing you said out loud: "No, dunno."
51. Last time you showered: This morning.
52. Last book you read: HP 3
54. Last time you sang: This morning in chapel. ~s~
55. Last time you danced: I am now. ~ggls~
56. Last thing you ate/drank: McDonalds. ~s~

Believe it or Not

57. Aliens: Not really. Sorry, M.
58. Angels: Kinda.
59. Demons: Yah.
60. Heaven & Hell: Possibly.
61. God: No.
62. Your friends: Always.


64. Best friend: Don't have one.
65. Last friend you talked to: Well, Chris, but actually spoke to, Anna.
66. Funniest: Chris, G, Tasha, May.
67. Silliest: Odile.
68. Loudest: Odile.
70. Stupidest: Eh...Gemma, for some reasons.
71. Sweetest: Tasha and Sara.
72. Weirdest: Probably May and Chris.
73. Best at keeping secrets: asrana
74. Most hyper: Sara and Anna.
75. Most annoying: Tash. ~ggls~
76. Friend you miss most: Sarah
77. Friend you've known the longest: Um... Sara.
78. Friend you haven't known long: Chris.

Word Association

79. Bill Clinton: Dress
80. Lollipops: You don't want to know.
81. Whipped Cream: Weasley Twins atm.
82. Dreams: Of Reason Produce Monsters by Mick Karn
83. Love: Music
84. South Park: Satan
85. Guys: Girls
86. Girls: And Boys by Blur
87. Death: Terry Pratchett
88. Bubble gum: ...oh dear. LMAO the story my writer' just sent me. EEP!
89. Water: Evian
90. Ice Cream: ....Weasley Twins....
91. Oil: .........WEASLEY TWINS........
92. Phone: LMAO Yes Cassie...sex, also.
93. Food: McD's.
94, Kiss: .........do I really need to say it again?
95. Pretzels: Salt
96. Britney Spears: Miaow
97. School: Prison
98. Floppy: Adara's Rose
99. Shoes: Stilettos

Have you ever (FYI answer yes or no)

100. Been on a plane: Yes
101. Cried in public: Yes
102. Climbed a tree: Yes
103. Gotten in a physical fight: Yes
104. Drank alcohol: Yes
105. Fell asleep in a movie theater: Yes
106. Driven a car: No
107. Been arrested: No
108. Broken curfew: Yes
109. Been pulled over when driving: No
110. Farted in public: No
111. Met a celebrity: Yes (I live with two! LOL)
112. Skipped school: Yes
113. Went to a pro sports game: Eee, no.
114. Met the president: No
115. Been scared to get shot: Well...who wouldn't be?
116. Smoke a cigarette: No
117. Gotten a cavity: Yes
118. Done any drugs: No
119. Shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch: Argh, no.
120. Gone skinny-dipping: Not in this lifetime.


121. Food: That lemon chicken at the Thai.
122. Drink: COKE!
123. TV show: HIGNFYU, NMTB, TOTP2
124. Movie: VG, Hedwig, Labyrinth, and HARRY FREAKIN' POTTER!
125. CD: Don't have a favourite ever, but this one is brilliant.
126. Song: Too many to choose a favourite.
127. Color: Black, purple, electric blue.
128. Day of the week: Friday.
129. Month: December or January.
130. Number: 3, 7, 21
132. Favorite Car: Jags & Porsches.
133. Cookie: Ginger.
134. Toothpaste: Macleans. ~ggls~
135. Ice Cream: B&J. Almost anything.
137. Candy bar: Anything white.
138. TV channel: BBC 2...everything good's on BBC 2...
139. Radio station: Wave 105
140. Artist/band: Duran, Erasure, Visage, Ultravox, etc.
141. Shampoo/conditioner: Nicky Clarke.
143. Website: There, BMB, and here. Oh, and dd.com
144. Sports to play: Netbal & badminton.
145. Sports to watch: Ice dancing.
146. Place: My room, wherever it happens to be. Place as in world location, Chicago.
147. Vacation spot: ~s~ Chicago, yes.
148. Kind of candle: Anything.
149. Color eyes: Green with black hair.


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