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By the way...

Assume I've gone wrong, all right? I rescued a Barbie doll from a charity shop the other day (she looks like Gwen Stefani) and now I find myself once again wishing for an eBay account so I could go and buy 46874 random Barbie-related outfits and all that sort of nonsense, because they don't seem to sell the damn things in the shops anywhere any more. I'm not mentioning this to you because I want you to go and get things for me - that would be demanding and absurd. I'm only mentioning it in case it makes you go "Oh! Hang on! Those boxes in the attic!" and you realise you're in possession of a load of Barbie or Sindy clothes that are never again going to see the light of day. It's a very long shot, considering what a bunch of gender-blurred goths most of you are, but I thought it was worth asking. (And it's a Saturday, I know, I know.)

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