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When you find yourself dancing down the street towards your house - but I mean actual dancing - it's probably a sign that you've had a very good night. I WENT TO SEE MY LIFE STORY TONIGHT. AAAAAAH. JAKE.

You all know I don't drink, right? I am just high on MUSIC and JAKE and his REFLECTIVE SUIT and the unbelievably brilliant experience of being in a room full of several hundred people who never thought they'd hear those songs played live again, or in my case, at all.

I'll write a proper review of this and of last night's AFI gig tomorrow on kittensounds (assuming I'm even alive tomorrow after two gigs in two nights) but I want to throw mad, mad glittery hugs in flick's direction for thinking of me and getting me a ticket (and to envoy for temporarily covering the cost of it). WHEEEE MUSIC YAY THEY PLAYED MOTORCADE I WAS IN HEAVEN.

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