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Meming while I wait for fangirly nonsense to download.

And because I can't get to sleep just yet.

1. Say something interesting. Go on, I dare you.
White Rose Movement's album is out!
Well, it interests me. Go and buy it. It's gorgeous, and extremely good.

2. Song that means a lot to you right now.
'Ready2Wear' by Felix Da Housecat and 'Silver and Cold' by AFI.

3. What would you wear to be buried in?
An extravagant black-and-dark-green evening dress of my mother's, which doesn't fit me, but that wouldn't matter once I was dead.

4. If you had to be a fictional character, who?
Jack Fairy, of course.

5. And why?
What do you mean, why? He's Jack Fairy.

6. Make a wish.
I wish my family situation would sort itself out. I wish, I wish, I wish I wish I wish.

7. Make a promise.
I promise I will never stop trying to find new music or trying to play people music they haven't heard yet.

8. Make a cake.
Too tired right this second, plus it would wake mum. But I could, if I wanted to. Mmm. Cake.

9. Which dream would you like to have again?
I don't think there are any dreams I'd really like to have again. I have three kinds of dream - nightmares, lots of, which obviously I wouldn't want to repeat; really fantastic dreams, which I wouldn't want again because I'd just have to wake up from them; and utterly bonkers dreams, which I'd happily see again but it's more fun to wait until the next one. I guess either these ones, because they were SO MUCH FUN, or this one, because it's the weirdest dream I've ever had and I loved it.

10. Why do you do memes like this?
Because I love answering questions. I used to have sets of trivia cards when I was young and I would quite happily sit answering questions, or making up answers if I didn't know, for hours. It's also not unrelated to loving talking about myself. But mostly it's an inherent perpetual desire to be questioned.

11. If everyone on your friends list was to reply to this, what would you like them to say?
I'd like them to ask for a mix CD and to tell me what kind of thing they'd want on it. Obviously.

12. Insult someone.
He's a nasty poly goth slut cunt coke addict kind of bloke.

13. That wasn’t very nice, was it?
It's both tame, and not my own words.

14. You go to stay overnight with someone. Your bag falls open on the train. What falls out?
My discman, a packet of crisps I probably forgot was in there and open, at least one shirt. That's before I stop the disaster and make sure nothing else falls out.

15. Sellotape or glue?
Glue. But I wish things just magnetised themselves to pages.


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