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Christ on a bike. This Friday is the 31st. I'm supposed to be going to Modern Love at the Garage. What with everything I'd utterly forgotten.
Oh well. Suppose I should go, because you know I'll love it when I get there. Damn it, life is so complicated.

Mind you, next single is 'Seven Oceans' which is my favourite of their songs, and album in June (hopefully), and YAY. So that's good.

God, I'm tired. sparksoflight is wonderful and let me sleep on her floor last night but I'm really not sleeping well at the moment anyway. Never mind. Calling tonight, where I will try to pull off several seemingly impossible things. I feel like I'm on Goth Challenge Anneka.

I want to spend every day of the next couple of weeks playing music at people. It's essentially the only thing that would help, I think. I won't be able to. This is a shame.


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