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Is there anything the man can't do?

Morning. Just about surviving, many ongoing thanks to the House of Kittens for putting me up and putting up with me (home at the moment, but going back this evening). If you feel a need to know what's going on do e-mail me or something, I just can't post it in public on the internet. Anyway, this morning has just been made considerably better (well, a bit, anyway) by discovering - and I know I should already have known and owned this - a version of Peter And The Wolf as narrated by Gavin Friday. Gavin Friday! Narrating! The man has one of the most gorgeous voices known to humankind. It's stunning.

So hurray for that.

I hope you're all doing all right, by the way. I really won't be around on LJ all that much for a few days, can't see past all the chaos and confusion. Gah. Stupid March.

Incidentally, Stars are quite good, aren't they?


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