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I repeat...

...I love love LOVE this John Foxx CD. Sometimes I really make worthwhile purchases - as opposed to sometimes buying the thing for the hell of it - and this, as with the other Foxx album, was really worth it.


Also, stolen from my love :

four sweets you remember eating when you were a kid:
Flying saucers, those foam banana things, sugar necklaces, fizzy cola sweets.

four silly things that annoy you:
People sleeping in the common room when I want to watch TV, random words like "moist" and "loam", people not giving Keats a chance, fucking REGGAE. ~spits~

four favourite films:
Labyrinth, Hedwig, VG, Wedding Singer.
But after Sunday - SUNDAY I TELL YOU - HP will be up there.

four childhood toys you loved to play with:
Quints, Sylvanian Families, Lego, Barbie. Some things never change. Others, mercifully, do.
Oh, and makeup, which hasn't changed in the slightest.

four favourite authors:
Eddings, Pratchett, Rowling, Gaiman.

four favourite childhood books:
The Arthur Ransome books, Enid Blyton's Five Find-Outers (and dog), David Eddings, and, if you go back to age like two or something, My Day. ~ggls~ I still have it. The pictures are imprinted on my brain. I loved that book when I was two. ~s~


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