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Sleepy now.

I'll make it into bed soon, I really will.

It's just that today was one of those beautiful days. I woke up happy, I got happier by the half-hour. I went back to Sussex, which is home and will always be home, and I sat on the train which might have been the wrong train but I didn't care, because I was reading a fantastic young fiction book about lost country villages and witches and time-travel. In Lewes, people had wood-fires in their houses and the air was cold and full of Autumn even though it's March. Lewes really understands and loves its own history. I like it there. I was going to the dentist, for goodness' sake, hardly anything to get excited about, but the smell of woodsmoke in the air always makes my skin prickle. On the way to the dentist's there's a little shortcut past some slightly forgotten houses and I always take it, because that's where I want to live when I'm very old, if I'm ever very old; the gardens are made for cats and the trees are full of little birds and it's quiet despite being right by the road. On the way back from the dentist I was so absurdly happy that I was smiling at the differences between door-knockers on the street next to the station. Flowers! Fish! Horse-brasses! Everything was something to be glad about. Then I went home, and my house is the best place on earth if you're me, and I cheered up my nan and had supper with mum and dad and then came back here, in the night, and it was freezing out, but warm once I came back here. And then I chatted for a bit with stumphed, which made me very warm inside, as well. Happy. Tomorrow I'm seeing notintheseheels, who makes my life so much better every single day that it's impossible to explain it to anyone, and then there'll be a party, and I'm looking forward to it hugely, and there'll be cats I haven't met yet, and people, and things. On Sunday we might go and see Mirrormask again, Mirrormask which is still colouring the way I look at the world with its line drawings and its golden skies and its flying fish. Also on Sunday I'll probably see Chris, and I'll sort everything out with him and fix the cracks and the awkwardness. I am so happy. Right now, I am so happy.

And I just wanted to say. Because I know I'll forget.


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