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Variations on a theme.

* "I wish I could tell the world, 'cause you're such a pretty thing when you're done up properly..."

* Whilst looking for pictures of rabbits for sparksoflight I came across this site about drag artists and their various musical efforts. I have records by female impersonators that this man hasn't even heard of, which amuses me. I love music. (One of them is a really Wrong thing about wanting to be on Dynasty. It's not, however, a match for my favourite of this guy's acts. SO WRONG. Wow. The last sentence of those liner notes is "Best wishes, and remember that Savagery (not unlike Charity) begins at home." Fantastic.)
Edit : Oh god, the more I look at those liner notes the more I marvel. "Love & Trust may be the ties that bind, but in the absence of these you will find rawhide whips or clothesline rope to be just as reliable." I HAVE to find a copy of this thing.

* Morning! I feel better than I have in ages.

* I win so hard it almost hurts. I suspect these last two may be connected.

* Half of Depeche Mode's first album may be the gayest record I have ever heard.

* 132 icons! Brian! Ahem. I am SUCH a GIRL.

Edit : Unrelatedly, this guy is my new favourite lunatic ever. I'm a bit late to the party on this one and have to thank katyha for the link (of course; who else could bring us vampire satanists running for Governor?) but I couldn't not share. What a maniac. I love it. Look! Look at him! "I was born in raised in New Jersey, the home state of Bruce Springsteen - "The Boss." Though New Jersey is considered the Crossroads of the American Revolution, just like Bruce Springsteen, I am against war."


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