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Damn it, computers hate me. Help.

Today is college, is staring in enchanted amazement at this, and then is going to Cambridge, probably to stare in some more enchanted amazement. See some of you there, I'd imagine. Edit : apparently it's also WISHING MY MOTHER WAS NOT HERE.

I've not really been posting much of late; that's partly due to wanting to hide, and also to not having very much at all to say. I'm at home, my mother's here all the time, I don't much feel like seeing people and when I do I don't much feel like talking to LiveJournal about it. There's also a very real danger that I'll start saying how I really feel about some things that have happened recently, and I really can't have that.

Geek help : My broadband connection is dying every five minutes. Anyone got any idea why it might be doing that? Anyone got any idea why AVG wouldn't have detected the thing causing that? Or, indeed, why it's still doing it now I've found what was causing it and got rid of it? Sigh.


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