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It lives.

Hello. :) God, being ill is unpleasant, isn't it? Fortunately by Tuesday morning I felt a lot better, and by Tuesday afternoon this had somehow extended itself to me going to Cambridge to spend the evening and Wednesday with sparksoflight. I duly did so, and she is wonderful, and there was much (much, much) playing of music (more about this on kittensounds later) and discussing of the importance of Things, and she looked after me and was generally brilliant. Thank you, darling.

I'm still catching up on everything, though, so bear with me if I owe you e-mail and stuff. Today involves college and then I'm desperately hoping to see notintheseheels; I have withdrawal and I miss her something chronic. The plan was to go shopping in Camden, which I need, as eek, tomorrow night is Modern Love and I Have Nothing To Wear.

I hope you're all well. I'm mostly recovered, I think - bit shaky if I do too much, but there's hardly much danger of that. :)


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