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I wanna be in industry

So, this morning I am in tears over the Guardian article about Smash Hits - must be nervousness for the singing exam I've got in a few hours. Well, mostly that, and partly my ongoing disappointment and incomprehension at the state of the music industry as things stand, and the way that, as ever, articles like that make me yearn for a time when I wasn't even born. Sigh.

I put together a CD for missfairchild last week of some of the most brilliant songs to come out in the last two years. And now I want to copy it a hundred thousand times and send it to everyone who's disillusioned with pop music. The good stuff is there. I don't understand why they're mostly not writing about it in the music press, but it is there. I want people to know that. I want to glitterbomb the whole of London with CDs that will wake them up.

Oh well. Instead I'll drag my sorry carcass to college yet again, sing classical music I do love but don't believe in at some people for a bit, and then go round to HMS katyha to rant at them about it. It won't make me feel better, though. I don't just want to rant. I want to do something.

You could see 2005 as my having done something, I suppose. I hit you all round the head with The Modern until you couldn't ignore me any longer; Temposhark, similarly. But, and no offence here, it's not you I want to get hold of with this. That's because I know you love music, most of you, I know you're prepared to listen. I want to find the kids and the people who've given up. I want to give them their own 'Starman' moment, I want to change their lives so that they're desperate to find an old synthesiser in a Kensington music shop. Something. Anything. Yes, all right, I'll shut up now.

Edit : I wasn't going to post the tracklist because I've not got hold of missfairchild to give her the CD yet, but I'm sure she won't mind. :)

Girls In The Back - White Rose Movement
All Day Long I Dream About Sex - JC Chasez
Nostalgia - Readers Wifes
22 Grand Job - The Rakes
Love Punch - The Chalets
Prince Harry - Soho Dolls
Quel Genre De Garçon - Noblesse Oblige
Tristan - Patrick Wolf
I Write Sins Not Tragedies - Panic! At The Disco
She Waits For Me - Protocol
Outlines - Clor
Love Is A Deserter - The Kills
Ride The Pain - Juliet
You Take My Breath Away - The Knife
One Word - Kelly Osbourne
Beautiful - Goldfrapp
Paris - Temposhark
Discotheque Francaise - The Modern
Sine Love - Trademark
The Moment I Said It - Imogen Heap

It's worth pointing out that I tried to go for the less obvious things, by which I mean I didn't include 'An Honest Mistake' by The Bravery or anything by Kaiser Chiefs or The Killers or Franz Ferdinand, and all that sort of thing, because I assumed missfairchild would already know about them, and the idea of this is 'look! look at all this great stuff you [possibly] haven't heard about!' I would stake my life on The Killers being one of the best bands of the last thirty years. It's just that they're also pretty well-known.

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