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Damn LiveJournal. I keep trying to write posts about last night and it insists on refusing to let me, so I'll just say again that it was fantastic, and thank you to everyone who came down.

Today I have to go and do unfortunate college things again and argh. And then I've got an exam tomorrow, so I'm not even going to try for the WRM gig at the Astoria, since I won't get in anyway, but if I do, I'll be up till egads o'clock again and it'll just be no good for me.

I have beside my computer a small, furry ferret thing my dad was given for Christmas, which, of course, he immediately passed on to me. It makes squeaky noises if you press it. I have no idea what my aunt and uncle were thinking. Its warning label reads 'This item is not intended for cuddling and holding'. What is it for?

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