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Cat people, putting out fires

Oh, hey, look, it's February. Made it through January. Good.
Thank you for your help yesterday, especially arkady and sparksoflight, you're both brilliant. I did in the end make it into college; went to sight-singing, found the head of undergraduate music and squeaked 'help!' at him, went to song class, had a singing lesson, didn't sing too badly, talked with my beloved singing teacher afterwards, ascertained that she actually sees the fact that I went in and did all that as a massive step forward and is proud rather than disappointed. Which makes all the difference. (She's right, as well - last year I'd have spent yesterday in Cambridge.)

So that's good. I reckon I deserve a nice Wednesday, which is what I'm undeniably going to get as I am going to see the Cirque Du Soleil with katyha (thank you thank you dreamsewing thank you thank you!) and then on to the Water Rats to see my two favourite bands IN THE ENTIRE WORLD plus quite a lot of my favourite people in same. :) The Modern and Temposhark under one roof. Come on down.

Finally, I love Japan :

Doucement, ne les derangez pas
II y a des gens qui vive comme ça
Les artistes de demain
En desespoir agreable


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