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Things I Have Learned Tonight :

* Electroclash is alive and well and living in Vauxhall. (Must try harder.)

* Philip Sallon is about four foot five.

* It's still considered avant-garde for a woman to dance around on stage with no top on. For goodness' sake.

* Just when you think Temposhark gigs can't get any more like fantastic sex, they play 'Crime'.

* vic_voltaire is a charming and engaging young man.

* tallulah_aloof has some beautiful friends.

* Sometimes little troll-men won't go away even if you punch them in the arm when they try to grope you. Such is life.

* It is hard to dance if you're a large man wearing an outfit made out of those fibre laundry bags.

* One guy is always going to think "art-fuck futurism" is best expressed by "wearing a plastic bag on his head".

* It doesn't matter how hard you try, you will always end up being outclassed by a pretty gay man on rollerblades. You won't mind, though, as he is a pretty gay man on rollerblades.

* I'm not over anything, it was just on hold.

* Even security guards will try it on with you. This is really annoying.

* There are no taxis in Vauxhall. Fortunately, the walk home is doable.


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