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I can't stand up for falling down

Good grief. I look good but potentially also slightly ridiculous. I hope I've neither over- nor under-done it for tonight, although I suspect it won't matter much either way as I'll go, see Temposhark, and then leave, the venue being, what, fifteen minutes from my house for once.

I sincerely hope that all the people who are coming on the 1st will then be so bowled over by Temposhark's magnificence that they join me at future gigs. I'm still terrified of going to these things on my own. Never mind, I have French electro reggae about vegetable superheroes to send me on my way. (I absolutely love this song.)

Gah. Scared scared scared. Not cool enough. Scared. Too dressed up. Not dressed up enough. No, definitely too dressed up. Oh, well.

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