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My name is Tristan, and I am alive.

Well, ideally my name would be Tristan, anyway. (Tristan Woolf. Isn't that gorgeous?) But it's not. I am, however, alive, despite having had to go into college today. My tutor continues in his quest to be named "Loveliest straight man on earth" by being relentlessly understanding and hilarious and admiring of the amount of self-awareness I occasionally display despite being mad as a coot. So hurray for that. Alex, for those of you following last term, is also back, and is still absolutely wonderful. Apparently he had a dream the other night in which he and I decided to get married so that we could have a big church wedding and then stage an enormous melodramatic argument in the middle of it à la $soap. It's a thought.

Oh, and I can still sing, so that's good.


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