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Let's fill this town with artists

Well, the BFI are doing their bit on Monday. Good god.

Meanwhile tonight, everyone's favourite The Modern take Koko at the Camden Palace (just opposite Mornington Crescent tube station) by synthpop storm. I hope some of you will be there; unfortunately I can't make it, but you should.

Tomorrow, one of my mum's friends is having a glamorous civil partnership with his boyfriend of ten years or so. So hurray for that, I'll be there.

Presumably the opposite of "let's fill this town with artists" is "let's empty this town of people with no discernible talent", and therefore I suppose one should be cheered by the news of yet another Celebrity Big Brother rolling into view. Taken off the streets this year, among others : Jodie Marsh (does she actually have a home? or is she just shunted from one reality TV house to another), Dennis Rodman, Pete Burns (handbags at dawn there, I'm sure) and George Galloway. I'm sorry, I'll just say that again - George Bloody Galloway. For christ's sake, even Boris wouldn't stoop so low. What an insane little man.

Somewhat gratuitous use of New Favourite Icon Ever prompted by watching Velvet Goldmine all the way through for the first time in ages yesterday. I'm still thinking about that post, I'll probably write it over the weekend and put it up on Monday.

A - Accent: Sort of standard English which occasionally veers wildly into 'ridiculously posh' English or 'talking to bus drivers' English (which involves adopting a semi-East End accent and calling everyone "mate". (I know.) Also people occasionally ask me if I'm Australian - I think this is to do with the house staff at my school, a ton of whom were on gap years from Australia.

B - Breakfast Item: Oh, god, sausages. Nothing is better, nothing on earth.

C - Chore you hate: Washing up. I don't think there's anything around the house I hate more. I have to pretend I'm doing it for some pop star or other in order to get it done at all.

D - Dad's Name: The Lord Of Dust And Darkness. I've even got it on an envelope.

E - Essential everyday item: Phone, wallet, keys, music.

F - Flavour ice cream: I crave Ben & Jerry's Peace Of Cake which I can never, ever find. Other than that, mint chocolate of some description.

G - Gold or Silver?: Depends. Mostly silver.

H - Hometown: Bishopstone, more of a homevillage really. :)

I - Insomnia: Not at all, unless I've given my poor mistreated body far too much caffeine to handle, when I get sleep paralysis.

J - Job Title: Layabout Who Sings And That.

K - Kids: Probably never.

L - Living arrangements: Living rent-free in a house in the relative centre of London. Excellent.

M - Mum's birthplace: Cheltenham. It's a scary place.

N - Number of significant others you've ever had: I am feeling unpleasant enough to debate the 'significant' in some of these cases, but essentially seven, I suppose.

O - Overnight hospital stays: None for myself - I stayed overnight at hospital with dennyd once.

P - Phobia: Things with more than four legs, things with fewer than two legs (except snakes), clowns, Mr Punch, Whitechapel, churches.

Q - Queer?: I'd say so.

R - Religious Affiliation: Standing to one side looking at everyone else feeling anything from amusement to bewilderment to outrage, whilst kind of wishing I had something to believe in like that. But I don't.

S - Siblings: Two mad half-brothers who don't speak to the family any more.

T - Time you wake up: Seven, usually.

U - Unnatural hair colours you've worn: Nothing, ever - I like my hair.

V - Vegetable you refuse to eat: Courgette, aubergine, beetroot, chicory, sprouts, onion. With the exception of the last (which gives good flavour to things, it's just the texture I can't bear) I genuinely cannot understand how anyone could eat them, or why anyone would when there are so many others.

W - Worst habit: Not doing work until the last minute oh god I really need to write those essays.

X - X-rays you've had: About four dental ones plus one for my leg, several years ago. They never did work out what was wrong with it, but it wasn't a broken anything.

Y - Yummy: I really hate that word, it conjures up horrible images of Nigella Lawson making something with strawberries in on a treadmill. Ghastly.

Z - Zodiac sign: Gemini, which is a useful one to be as no matter what your characteristics you can blame it on your 'inherent duality' and say that you're absolutely the opposite sometimes, obviously.

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