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I think Patrick Wolf may be the death of me. I've been up since half past four this morning and I really didn't particularly need to be in floods of tears again, but at least it's the good kind brought on by ridiculously beautiful music rather than the bad kind brought on by largely incomprehensible e-mail.

Which reminds me, apologies to those of you who've e-mailed me recently - I'm struggling with that sort of thing at the minute. ickle, I particularly want to get hold of you, and I wonder if there's any chance I could maybe call you or encourage you to get MSN or something, anything that's (for some unknown reason) a bit easier than e-mail? It's all right if not, though, I shall get past this soon enough, I'm sure.

Hmm. I feel underwhelmed by the world and in need of writing 15-year-old poetry and pretending I'm going to do something stupid. I really am going back to bed. I probably won't sleep, but at least I won't be writing Posts of Desperate Angst or anything. Days like this make my teeth ache.


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