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I really really like sparksoflight, she's one of the best things in the world at the moment - full of unpretentious joy about her own life and other people's, and also capable of sharing my righteous anger about things we should be righteously angry about, and enthusing about the LostProphets. Hurray for that.

I don't know why I'm so tired today - all day I've felt as though I was caught in particularly lazy quicksand. Sinking fast now, despite standing in the rain waiting for a bus and singing Imogen Heap songs to myself, which should have woken me up. Ah well. Apparently I start back at college next Monday, which isn't too much of a surprise. I really ought to write some essays at some point, though.

For some reason the last week has been oddly difficult - presumably it's just depression's way of saying "Happy New Year! I know I've not been in touch as much as I might have been lately but I just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you! Hugs." or something. :) I'm all right, though. But tired, in that oh-god-can't-get-out-of-bed-even-though-I'm-awake way where you know it's not just simple tiredness.

Mrrr. Bed now, I think. I know it's only ten and even my mum isn't back from the ballet yet, but my eyes hurt and my head hurts a bit and Mercury Rev are making me sleepy.

Exhausted edit : Oh, come on now, this sort of thing is just unfair. What on earth am I supposed to say to that?
Dead now.

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