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"Has anyone seen my balrog?" "It was back that way, Ian, this is Narnia now."

adjectivemarcus is brilliant and lovely, and cheered me up no end today, not least by taking me to see The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, which. is. gorgeous. It is all a bit 'hang on, where's Legolas? Isn't that just an uruk-hai that's had a shower? GANDALF WE NEED YOU' in places, but I can't complain, really - even Lucy didn't annoy me too much, and Edmund and Peter are perfect. (Watch out, Robert Pattinson - Peter's hot on your heels.)

Anyway, I feel better, except that - and I had known this, but completely forgotten it - the first song of the end credits is by Imogen Heap. That was unexpected.
Never mind, though - Marcus is great and let me rant at him about all sorts of things, which I needed. And I'd just like to say thank you to katyha, dr_d and adjectivemarcus himself for their support - they know what I mean.

Happy New Year's Eve, kids. Love, if you want it, or glitter, or hugs, or all three, or whatever.


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