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O brave new world etc

So, um. It's not actually all that often that you get to see one of your favourite bands - ever - play one of your favourite songs - ever - just for you. Which makes last night pretty special, really. Rob and Luke turned up at Madame JoJo's relatively late in the proceedings and immediately told me that the only reason they hadn't just cancelled the gig and gone home was that vic_voltaire had rung them up all enthusiastic because I'd said I was going to come along. So thank you, vic_voltaire - it was an excellent set and one of these days I'll actually meet you. ~s~

It really was excellent - I know Rob was worried because by the end he'd lost his voice, but they absolutely tore through 'Joy', 'Neon ?', 'Paris', 'Hard, Medium, Soft', 'Not That Big' and 'Blame' (I think that was all, I was ridiculously giddy and also too hot to breathe, let alone think) and it was just gorgeous. You have to believe me, they are so bloody good and they're headed for the skies. THEY'RE SO GOOD. Temposhark : Your New Favourite Band. You know it's true.

Although actually, to my surprise after being completely indifferent to them at the Underworld, Suzerain (on just before Temposhark, after an odd sort of industrial 'look I'm a girl but I like really loud music' band and a truly under par indie collective) were really good, too, to the point that I may have to try to pick up something of theirs. After the, y'know, sixty-five other albums and DVDs I need to get in the next month or so.

I don't know what to do with myself today. My head just keeps going "They played 'Paris' just for me, and he got down on his knees on the stage and sang the second verse to me, my god" and it's hard to concentrate. But I know I didn't make it up, because notintheseheels (who is so damn wonderful) and sparksoflight (as ever, full of enthusiasm and utter loveliness) and molotov_bitch (whom I didn't get to talk to, but I did get to dance with, which immediately convinced me of her greatness) were all there as well. And they saw.

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