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Still alive

Conversation with my dad this morning, whilst waiting for a complicated page to load on a book-buying website he wanted me to get things from for him :

Dad : It's slow, isn't it?
Me : Well, there's lots of things to load.
Dad : And - correct me if I'm wrong, but this wouldn't be any quicker with broadband, right?
Me : ...actually it would be about forty times quicker with broadband.
Dad : (astonished) Would it?
Me : Erm. Yes?
Dad : Gosh. I thought it was down to a problem with the site.
Me : ...but isn't it this slow for every site you visit?
Dad : Well, yes, but, you know, the internet's busy.

It's been quite nice down here at home over Christmas but I'm really glad I'm coming back to London tomorrow.

Temposhark are playing Madame JoJo's on Thursday night - do come if you can, they're so good and gorgeous. Otherwise, see you when I see you; like I said, back in London from tomorrow. Staying in for New Year, I expect, though.


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