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Pastel days and neon nights

Hullo. I slept for four hours when I got home today, which means I'm wide awake now, which is awfully frustrating. Needed to sleep for four hours because last night involved being awake until four through watching TV and talking with notintheseheels, and before that through being at Madame JoJo's watching, uh, a band (unprepossessing), another band (Noblesse Oblige; really actually quite good now I think about it) and That Band (just bloody wonderful. Really. Just. Wonderful) with notintheseheels, sparksoflight and some friends of hers, and also chatting to an unexpected Rob from Temposhark, who is so lovely it defies belief, even mine, and I can believe quite a lot of things.

And now I'm down at home again and it's Christmas Eve tomorrow and also my aunt's birthday, so there's a Do at the village hall (oh, we're so English). And David Tennant was on Jonathan Ross tonight and was absolutely ridiculously charming. And Dead Ringers outdid themselves with a James Blunt parody. And then it's Christmas.
I'm looking forward to Christmas.

I wish I were more tired right now, though. And could stop thinking about certain people. Ah well. Cryptic crosswords, that's evidently the solution to both problems. 'Night.


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