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So, last night's Christmas party was gorgeous - thank you, katyha, both for organising it and for all the shiny things you gave me. :) I had a good time, and when that was threatened I was rescued by the ever-lovely asrana, lolliepopp and adjectivemarcus shouting 'wanker', and later the divine intervention of slightlyfoxed and spyinthehaus (and his range of unconvincing accents).

People took the CDs that I made. I am very happy about this. And yes, incidentally, if you did take a CD - or two, or three :) - I'd like to ask a favour... I don't mind when you listen to it, whether it's now or next week or in a year's time or when you find it when you move house or whenever, but when you do, I'd really love to know what you thought of the songs. ~smile~ Even if you hated them. I'd just really like to know.
I was left with eleven CDs, which considering the number I started with is really pretty extraordinary. Thank you all so much for wanting them.

Today I will be mostly seeing The Modern, or gearing up to see The Modern, or thinking about seeing The Modern, or listening to The Modern, and indeed wearing their shirt.

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